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All In

When I lived on a boat for half a year back in 2003, I met oodles of fascinating people. I noticed a trend. Many people had an established land life they put on hold for a time – rented out the house, put things in storage, etc. – fully planning to pick up where they […]


Answers to the most frequently asked questions as we tell people of our plans for the next season of life: Homeschooling – Ten, eight, and five. Starting in Martinique. Exploring the Caribbean, New England… Panama, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, beyond? Selling the house. 10 years in the planning. Yes, pirates are real, but only in limited, […]

Boat Shopping

Frontier Airlines flight 1772: Grand Rapids – Orlando, Seat 25C There’s so much to know. So much to learn. A job to do. Kids to raise. A house to attend. But here I sit on a flight to Florida. This follows a trip to North Carolina (that boat was a wreck). A trip to Mobile followed that. […]