Six Month Check-in

Way back when this dream was becoming reality and we realized we would not have a firm time frame, Dave and I decided that nobody could call it quits until we had tried it for six months. Even then with all the excitement of anticipation we knew the transition had potential to be rough. We knew with all the wonder and adventure would come equal parts frustration and growth. And so the six month mark was set as the first time a crew member could register a vote to return to land. 

The six month mark happened last week. It happened after a huge push to get from North Carolina to Massachusetts in one passage.

popsicle puppet show in the North Atlantic

the audience

It happened after we experienced whale watching from our own boat. It happened after we damaged our dinghy and had to sit on the floor of a deflated dinghy with groceries in the rain to get back and forth from land to Kairos5.

there she blows!

It happened after reaching Maine and celebrating an 11th birthday. It was a full week leading up to six months. 

birthday girl’s request; find a remote Maine anchorage – The Goslings

Sitting around the table last week, we began the conversation; “Well guys, guess what? We’ve been sailing now for six months, and you know what that means. It’s time to check in. How are you feeling? Do you want to continue?”

Clamoring to be the prevailing voice, all three younger crew members voted to keep going. They love traveling. They love seeing new places and meeting new people. They love having dad be part of everyday life.

They have finally become comfortable with the motion of the boat and don’t want to quit now. They love passages and the downtime at sea. They love Kairos5.

races at sunset

As for the older crew members, we are in agreement. It is not time to call it quits. It is time to keep sailing, keep exploring, and keep growing together as a family. It is a time of wonder.