Slimming Down

Many of you folks near and dear to us have noted with concern that it appeared we were losing weight. To put all concerns to rest, it has been a healthy process for us all. But the overall count of who lost more might surprise you.

The stats:

Marcie: 15 lbs

Dave: 30 lbs

Kairos5: 1000 lbs


Wait, what?! 

Kairos5 lost 1000 lbs?! 

She sure did. And it was all water weight.  

The painted-on waterline is not parallel to the actual waterline.

Did you ever notice in profile pics of Kairos5 that her bow was higher than her stern? We did and in the back of our minds was always the thought that her rear crash compartments could be full of water. When we purchased Kairos5 in November, a friend had alerted us to this prevalent issue in Catana 42s. All signs pointed to this being the case on Kairos5 but we were willing to wait until Florida to investigate. 

It shocked us how much water came out of those crash compartments. Two holes and 125+  gallons of water later and we have dry crash compartments once again.

Fresh caulk proved too tempting to little fingers. Kid boats.

The caulking on the transom we believe is the main culprit for water penetration and so are laying fresh caulk along all the seams. 

Dave drilled holes at the base of the wall between the engine room and crash compartment so instead of filling up with water if water does seep in, it will run out into the engine compartment and the bilge pump will take care of it. That’s the idea at least.

crash compartment drain

The human weight loss was simply an increase in energy expenditure while maintaining energy intake. Living on a sailboat takes a whole lot more energy than living on land not to mention the swimming/diving/snorkeling off our back deck. It’s a good life.

With all this weight loss we do wonder if Kairos5 will sail faster. What do you think?