Making Miles

On March 6 we pulled anchor and left Sainte Anne and Le Marin behind. Six weeks we spent there adjusting to life afloat. The move aboard on January 23 was significant as we learned the systems of Kairos5. A few weeks in we added boat projects and a couple weeks after that school for the kids. 

Six weeks in, we thought maybe we had a grasp on this life, and then we started making miles. Once we began to move north we found that we had to readjust all over again. How do we provision, explore new places, teach the kids, maintain the boat, and find balance? The answer was to once again take it one step at a time. 

Portsmouth, Dominica
Early on in our travels – note the fatigue in our faces!

Since March 6 the longest we have stayed in one place has been a week. And for us, that pace of travel has meant we haven’t fit everything back in yet. Maintaining this blog has been one thing that has suffered.  Throwing up some photos and a quick note on social media (@sailingkairos5 on IG and Sailing Kairos5 on FB) has been all we could do in regards to mental energy. School for the kids has been reduced to the very basics and we are trusting that they’re learning much from this experience alone. Last week, it was a relief to hear Jude explain to his G-Pops about the mooring light, steaming light, and navigation lights – he is learning! And lastly, engaging consistently and substantially with work has not happened for Dave as we planned. The mental toll of life afloat, limited WiFi, and remote locations all play into that delay. 

March 6 was nine weeks ago. Nine weeks, ten countries/territories, and roughly 1300 nautical miles. 

Kairos5’s track (roughly) thus far

We’re still learning. We’re still enjoying this time as a family. We’re still exploring; traveling slowly and adventuring widely. And we’ll do our best to keep this updated a bit more regularly. 

Written while gently rocking at anchor in front of Thomas Cay in the Exuma chain of the Bahamas.