Two weeks in

What a life this is! The highs are glorious, snippets of sheer delight and quality interactions; star gazing on the trampolines, snorkeling together (even Jude who rides on Dave’s back), swimming/playing in the water, meeting other cruisers with kids, and discovery together.

(Three other cruising families invited us along for a hike to this pristine beach)

The lows are tremendous, frustrating circumstances and interactions that suck joy; recurring boat issues, delayed answers/solutions to problems (still haven’t figured out consistent wifi), sibling strife, and uncertainty in the learning curve. I need the reminder that we’ve only been at this for two weeks and patience is key. I am ready for things to even out a bit. They do eventually, right?

That being said, we may be settling in here on Kairos5 – some days I think so – which means the next step is finding a routine that works for us all. We did one morning of school with the kids and plan to implement more in this next week. We hear that Michigan has had quite a few snow days so I don’t think we’ve fallen too far behind.

(Sunburns are our weather related problems)

We are back at the dock today for boat work after 1.5 weeks at anchorages. Our connection to Dream Yacht Charter continues as the boat hasn’t cleared French customs yet so it is quite the dance to figure out what issues they will fix and what are our responsibilities. We hope to get things taken care of today and be back out at St. Anne tomorrow evening.

(Not all dreariness at the dock)

(St. Anne anchorage -Kairos5 is distant middle)

Our sail north to Anses D’ Arlet on Monday was perfect for the first sail. The wind was light from behind, we flew the gennaker and kept an engine running. Yesterday we sailed back from Anses D’ Arlet to le Marin. The wind was at our bow about 20 knots and waves 1.5 meters coming straight at us. Both boys felt queasy but we’re not sure how much was sea sickness and how much was anxiety – the waves slapping the underside of the bridge deck was loud. Most boats around were motoring. Dave and I are anxious to get more experience because we know it’s just going to be a learning curve to sail Kairos5 well. She is a sound vessel and we do trust her.

Two weeks in. We can do this.