Two Weeks

Two weeks out check in:

Dave has transitioned from full time work to a flexible schedule.

One vehicle has sold. (Anyone want a Freestyle?)

Toys are packed and stored or packed and weighed.

Plan B is in full swing. No shipping barrel (import tax, papers to French consulate, etc) so ten pieces of luggage with a total weight of 440 lbs going with us. The pile waiting to be put into those ten pieces of luggage has been sorted into now, later, and much later.

Last “normal” week for the family means school for all three kids, volunteering commitments, and dinner is still being made.

Bon Voyage party is planned thanks to friends! Sunday, Jan 13, 3-6 PM at the Goei Center. Stop on by if you’re local!

Braces are coming off the ten year old this week. She is looking forward to popcorn, caramel, and gum.

Closing on the house happens on Thursday. Lots of emotions for all of us on this one. But overwhelmingly, so thankful that a friend who has a similar approach to community is buying our home.

Health insurance is chosen and purchased! We went with a global medical plan through IMG since we plan to spend the summer cruising New England.

The five year old is struggling with letting go. We are storing more than planned because the emotional toll was not worth the purging. His spirits were buoyed by drawings given to him by his classmates. He got FOUR on Monday.

Sanity is still intact but sarcasm has definitely ramped up. Thank goodness the ten year old now speaks sarcasm.

Grace abounds. Stress has become an acknowledged presence in our life but grace abounds and that alone makes me excited to adventure with these people.

Oh, and currently I’m in Wealthy Street Theatre waiting for Martin Sexton to perform so at the very least we’re attempting to balancing the stress. Merry Christmas to us!