Answers to the most frequently asked questions as we tell people of our plans for the next season of life:

  1. Homeschooling – Ten, eight, and five.
  2. Starting in Martinique. Exploring the Caribbean, New England… Panama, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, beyond?
  3. Selling the house.
  4. 10 years in the planning.
  5. Yes, pirates are real, but only in limited, predictable areas which we plan to avoid.
  6. Storms happen.
  7. We’ll have satellite communication, but it’s expensive/limited. We’ll be able to access wifi on shore much of the time.
  8. Aggressive saving and simple living. Driving that 1999 Corolla for so long doesn’t look as silly now, does it? We rest on a firm foundation of financial unrest; we’re choosing bankruptcy of purse rather than bankruptcy of life.
  9. For as long as we have interest, finances, and health.
  10. Because this world is big and awesome. We crave adventure and revel in wonder. We want our kids to experience different cultures and understand that people are more alike than different. There is so much to learn and experience. To slow down time and spend it intentionally as a family.