Boat Shopping Take Two

For about a year, Dave has been interested in engaging Jamie and Behan on s/v Totem in their coaching business. I resisted; after all, we were at least a year out AND people do this all the time, how hard can it be? Right? I mean all we’re going to do is buy a boat, move aboard, and figure it out as we go. Plus, I was suspicious that Dave just wanted to connect with them as friends, they are pretty cool people, but we’re not going to buy friends!

Anyway, after boat searching earnestly for 5+ months and multiple trips to see boats that didn’t fit, I was finally convinced it was time to solicit their coaching services. The initial emails were exchanged, a quick little questionnaire was filled out and the first video call happened. They listened well, asked great questions, and had a wealth of knowledge to share. The biggest help came from their reaction when we told them about our experience with our current broker. He’s great guy but stretched thin and it was clear that we were not top priority for him. Behan and Jamie challenged our experience as the norm that we had accepted and offered brokers whom they personally vouch for.

And that, my friends, made ALL the difference.

Boat shopping take two with Richard from Jordan Yachts was valuable, informative, and equipped us to be confident moving forward. Richard spent two days with Dave and got him on a dozen boats. He has worked with families of our size and with our budget. Richard understood us and he shared his knowledge freely with Dave. We haven’t found our boat yet but we are now confident that we will recognize and be able to move when it presents itself. What a relief!

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