No Turning Back

Dave worked his last day today at Progressive AE. It was a pretty sweet gig as far as jobs go. He had flexible hours within the 8-5 workday so if his 4 year old was singing in a little preschool production at 11 AM, he was there. If I needed some time to breathe and took off for the weekend with a friend, he could pick up the kids from school. Progressive AE engaged and stretched him professionally. Dave is a mechanical engineer who thrives from thinking outside the box. There were many projects in his tenure that allowed creativity in problem solving. He worked with a great team whom he genuinely enjoyed and he was compensated well.

And today, he walked away from all that comfort, all that convenience, all that stable income. Today was a big day.

It’s a bit early, you may be thinking. Indeed.

You don’t even own a boat yet! I know, right?!

But here’s the deal – Dave, planner extraordinaire, spreadsheet master, safety net procurer has worked his magic and found a company that wants him as a consultant – even though it will be VERY part time, even though we may not have reliable internet, even though he will be sweltering in the Caribbean heat while his coworkers shiver in the frigid north. They may be crazy. We may be crazy to think that Dave can work while we do this adventure thing. But it’s worth a try. So for the rest of 2018 Dave will work full time for E3M Solutions. He’ll learn the ropes, learn the people, establish some rapport and then go silent until we’re up and running on the boat. That’s the plan. Here’s hoping.

Is this the point of no return? Meh, probably not but it’s coming.

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