The Conception

Fifteen years ago, Dave returned from a six month sailing adventure in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas.

Thirteen years ago, Dave and Marcie said “I do” and began to dream (and save!) of traveling broadly as a family.

Ten years ago, Adelaide arrived and ushered in the childbearing years, or as they are fondly referred to in the family, the “these better not be the best years of our lives” era.

Five years ago, Dave started to get antsy for change and the family purchased an 8.7 Columbia sailboat and explored the idea of sailing as a family.

Two years ago, the Bell family spent a week aboard their sailboat, visited South Manitou island in Lake Michigan for 3 nights, and confirmed that indeed they wanted to do this kind of travel/adventure as a family.

One year ago, Dave and Marcie began boat shopping in earnest and even put an offer on a sailboat in the BVI, which ultimately fell through and ended up being a blessing in disguise as the boat did not survive Irma.

Six months ago, Dave and Marcie attended the Annapolis boat show and honed in on priorities for “the boat.”

Two months ago, Dave and Marcie pulled a last minute permit to raft through the Grand Canyon. Among other benefits, this trip affirmed the desire to travel slowly together and illuminated that it was time.

Which brings us to today, where Dave and Marcie are actively pursuing boats, sprucing up the house, and weeding out the “I might need this later” piles in the basement.

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