Grand Canyon – Day 9

Day 9 – February 11
Emerald Camp (104.4) to Bass Camp (109.0)
River Miles: 4.6

Today was a light day on the river. We woke at 7, as the tent began to lighten with daylight. The wind had stopped blowing. Sunshine and blue sky greeted us when we unzipped the tent. It was a chilly morning. Breakfast was cold cereal with milk and English muffins.

We packed up camp at a leisurely pace.

Boats were rigged and we were on the water by mid morning. Emerald Rapid (class 4) was immediate – a fun read and run BUT the wind was so cold as soon as we were splashed we were freezing! We ran three rapids in quick succession – Emerald, Ruby and a riffle.

We then had a few miles until Serpentine Rapid. It is a class 7 rapid but it’s also a read and run. Daddy entered well and we had a fun, wet, and fast ride!

A few more miles downriver and we stopped to look at a metal boat that had run this river in 1915.

The river runners abandoned the boat there and hiked out!

(The four boatmen in a boat)

We ran one more rapid – Bass Rapid. Daddy held his line well but then got sucked into a small eddy. The rafts following behind us came up quickly and we ended up bumping one of them. Everyone was okay and away down the river we went to Bass Camp.

We arrived at noon and set up camp. We are planning a layover day tomorrow, which means we will be here for two nights. That thought gave people energy to set up camp.

We fixed lunch – cucumber and cream cheese bagels and rested. I wrung out and hung up the laundry that I did 2 days ago but had forgotten to pull out of the drag bag yesterday. The clothes got an extra rinse cycle.

Seven people, including Daddy, decided to go on a hike to see more of the canyon.

I stayed to rest my foot and bathe. In my underwear I jumped into the river. I couldn’t help yelping it was so cold. I climbed out and washed my hair and body and then jumped back in the river to rinse off. So cold! So refreshing! So good to be clean!!!

The three others who stayed were sitting on the rafts talking so I joined them once I dried off and dressed. I combed my hair and then laid down on one of the big pontoons to warm up and dry my hair. It was gloriously warm.

Daddy hung a hammock for me so after a bit I grabbed my book and rested in the hammock reading. The pace of this trip has been vigorous enough that I haven’t read much at all! Only about three pages this entire week.

The sun started to disappear behind the canyon wall and the temperature dropped. I got up to put on more layers. We only had one jug of water left so I decided to purify more water. The hikers returned.

Daddy had a great time and got to see wondrous views.

I took the three empty jugs to the back of the boat. I had two 5-gallon buckets and the water purifier. The filter has two tubes, one with an intake valve. The intake valve went into a 5-gallon bucket full of river water. The other end was an open ended tube that went in one of the water jugs. I hooked up the battery – red wire to red connector first, then black to black. The purifier began to work, sucking river water out of the five gallon bucket, pushing it through the two filters and producing clean drinking water. Amazing. It took about 20-30 minutes to fill all three water jugs. I used the 2nd 5-gallon bucket to draw water from the river and add to the bucket that the intake valve was immersed in. Once when I was hauling that bucket into the boat it tipped and dumped water into my boot, soaking my sock and pants. I had to change my pants, socks and boots!

Dinner was brisket, potato salad, and green beans with apple crisp for dessert. Yummy!

We were on clean up duty – lots of dishes to wash. We missed Grandpa!! I did check the satellite phone but still no message from Grandpa. Daddy called him and Grandma but neither answered. We’re still trusting that no news is good news but I’m hoping for a message tomorrow.

Bedtime for me. We got to our tent at 9:30 tonight and it felt so late. Daddy’s already sleeping. I love you all.

XOXO – Mom