Grand Canyon – Day 15

Day 15 – February 17

Tuckup Camp (165.1)
River Miles: 0

Our layover day dawned with blue skies! The sun was shining but not on our camp yet. The canyon walls prevented the sunshine from hitting us. We were on breakfast duty – so up and at ‘em. Breakfast burritos and grapefruit were served.

Andrew, Blake, and Mike took off for a day hike after breakfast. They headed up into Tuckup Canyon.

Daddy left about an hour later with Bill, Katie’s dad. Then about 45 minutes later Gerry, Cory, and Caroline left to hike.

I was cold so I climbed back into my sleeping bag for a while. I read a bit and rested. Once warm I went back outside. I read for a few minutes more after brushing my teeth/washing my face, etc.

(Photo from Dave’s hike)

Then it was time to filter water. Shawn assisted me this time and guess what happened? As he was hauling in a bucket of water to add to the water being filtered he lost his grip on the handle. He reached/lunged for it and fell into the river! I heard two splashes and looked over so surprised to see Shawn in the river. “What are you doing?!”, I said. We laughed about it and as we were almost done Shawn went to get changed.

Bill returned and set up the shower stall. He heated water and took the first shower. No one else was clamoring for the next shower so I took it. The hot water was luxurious BUT soaping up was cold! The heat was evaporating off my body like when you breathe out in the cold. Steam rose around me.

After my shower the sun started to creep down the canyon walls and at about 12:30 PM, sun hit the camp. It was wonderful! Warmth on my skin felt amazing. I made lunch (chicken salad) for the folks who were in camp – Gerry and Cory had returned by then.

(Photo from Dave’s hike)

After lunch it was time for laundry. I didn’t want to waste the sunshine. Seventeen pieces of laundry needed to be washed. How my back ached by the end of it. I am thankful for our washing machine! Daddy arrived back in camp as I finished the laundry.

He was elated from his day exploring. I was cranky with his stinky shirts. It was not a good initial interaction but he helped me hang up the laundry and we recovered. He had an amazing time and he took photos – ask him to show you!

Daddy washed up in the river and I sat with my book BUT within 5 minutes of sitting down the sun slid behind the canyon wall and shadow encased the camp once again. The temperature dropped 10 degrees immediately. It was about 3:45.

Caroline came back within the hour. Andrew, Mike, and Blake returned about an hour after her. Everyone had a fantastic day exploring and everyone returned safely. Thanks be to God!

Late trip stir-fry was for dinner – an odd mix of canned veggies with red curry paste and coconut milk. But still tasty. Gerry passed around the last of Jan’s (his wife) scotch-a-roo’s for dessert. We all spent time around the campfire in the evening after Daddy, Gerry, and I cleaned up the kitchen. I spent most of the clean up time smashing cans so we would have more room in the recycling.

I headed for bed around 8 and spent time looking at photos of you all on my phone. I sure do miss you all. I can’t wait to see you in 6 days!!

Daddy just joined me in the tent. Time for sleep. Much love to you all.

XOXO – Mom