Grand Canyon – Day 1

Day 1 – Feb 3
Lee’s Ferry (river mile 0) to Lower Jackass (river mile 8.9)

River Miles: 8.9

(Mom) woke up early, the moon was so bright it illuminated the tent. Cold!! We packed up the tent and Ads texted me as we did so. It was so good to hear that you all slept well! We ate breakfast (yogurt, granola, banana, muffins & bagels) and the outfitter orientated us to the kitchen set-up among other things.

The ranger came and checked out I.D.’s and talked forever! It was past 11AM when she left so we decided to load and rig boats and have lunch (deli meat sandwiches with cookies) before getting on the river.

We cleaned up from lunch and figured out where to stow the last things in boats and we were ready! Then we saw 2 kayak paddles that we forgot.

Finally, we shoved off from shore at 1:20 PM. Dad, Grandpa and I were in a boat together. Almost immediately we hit a riffle and both Grandpa and I got splashed. The water was cold but felt great because it was warm in the sun. The canyon walls rose up as we entered the canyon.

Grandpa took a turn rowing AND he caught a fish with his bare hands! We made it 8.9 miles down the river and rowed one main rapid – Badger – REALLY fun!

We camped below that rapid and NOW we had a daunting task – setting up camp all by ourselves! There is so much!

The kitchen crew (Shawn, Cory, Mike, Bill) got started on dinner (spinach salad, fettuccine Alfredo with veggies, pound cake with strawberries). I helped to find the food and other kitchen stuff needed while Daddy set up the tent.

Daddy, Grandpa, Gerry and I were on groover duty, which is what they call the toilet. We poop into a metal can and pee into the river or a bucket (me!) and then dump the bucket in the river.

After dinner the clean up crew (Caroline, Blake, Andrew, Matt) did the dishes and I sat around the campfire. Things were starting to calm down and I thought about going to bed when the wind picked up and started gusting. Our camp gear flew everywhere! Kitchen items flew off tables, camp chairs blew over, sparks from the campfire singed Shawn’s dry suit AND Caroline’s tent blew into the water! Her sleeping bag, quilt, phone and clothes were in her tent!! She had staked it really well but the wind hit it just so that it pulled up the stakes and away it floated down the river sitting on the water like a houseboat. Poor Caroline! What was she going to do?!

For tonight, she’s in Gerry’s tent and Gerry is with Cory in his tent. Shawn had an extra sleeping bag and pad and I loaned her a pair of long underwear. Do you think we’ll find her tent tomorrow? I’m hoping so!